Web Design Godalming

Our web design and build process in 6 simple steps

Specialising in building WordPress powered content managed websites, we have built many sites for clients ranging from; fitness trainers in Guildford, landscape gardeners in Cranliegh, marketeers in Godalming, to recruitment specialists and a corporate training company in Hampshire. To bring all of these projects together these simple steps where used, resulting in very happy clients.

Step 1

We believe a well designed site is more than about just the aesthetics. There really is no point in having an absolute work of art that no-one can find on the web. There needs to be a happy medium between looks and content. This makes this step vital, at this point we will meet with the client and discuss their needs. The kind of things we need to know are:

  • What is their core business?
  • What is their key service or product?
  • Who are their main competitors?
  • What is the primary goal of the website?
  • Who is there target audience?
  • Are they nation wide or are they a local company?

Once we have these answers and we have discussed the project in full, we can then formulate a rough site map for the proposed site, work out a timeline for the project so it has a realistic deadline set and then we can put together a full scope (i.e. pages, functionality etc…) and quote for the project.

Step 2

Once the quote and project scope has been accepted we can get to work. This stage focuses on bringing together the clients logo and branding style and starting to put ideas together. Many people at this stage work with just wire frames to show where the content would go, we have found that our clients respond better if concepts are more complete and show the actual imagery, colours and typography that we are proposing. These ideas will then be presented to the client and discussed. Based on the outcome of the discussions a more final draft can be completed ready for sign off.

Step 3

After sign off the site build can commence, the design is then produced as a theme for the WordPress CMS and the page structure and content is then put together. At the end of this stage we have a fully populated and styled website. We then invite the client to take a look around and make sure they are happy with everything, and we then address any comments that may arise.

Step 4

Testing, testing and more testing. The site is thoroughly checked over over prior to launching, making sure there are no broken links and everything operates as it should. The site is tested on desk top, laptop, tablets and smart phones. We also make sure that basic SEO work is completed as well along with setting up tracking in Google Analytics.

Step 5

Once the testing is complete and the client has signed it all off, it is time for the launch.

Step 6

After launch, the site is registered with the search engines and the site is added to both Google’s and Bing’s Webmaster Tools, and site maps indexed. This then means we are all prepared if there is to be an on-going SEO campaign.

If you have a project in mind that you would like to discuss, please get in touch.